About Raised by Coyotes

A pack unlike any other.

Coyotes are wild and cunning. Relentless and loyal. They don’t just survive in any environment, they thrive. If you’re on the hunt for a life worth living… welcome to the pack. At Raised by Coyotes, we take great pride in where we’re from and what we’re into. We celebrate the best of the West. That’s why we make western performance gear that stands up to every adventure and whatever else life throws at you.

"Go Everywhere™" Is More Than A Slogan.

It’s our guiding philosophy. When you look and feel good, you can walk into any room or across any terrain. You’re ready for anything. So, take the path least traveled. Explore new frontiers and make yourself at home. Whether you’re following an old trailhead or bellying up to a new watering hole. Wherever you roam, have the time of your life. A life lived with no regrets.

Made For All Your Adventures.

Western gear has traditionally felt pretty stiff. (Gotta love those tight Wranglers.) But we believe your clothes should feel as good as they look. So, we’re bringing the western spirit into the modern era. Style. Comfort. Durability. Ready for anything whether you’re on the front nine or the back of a bucking bull. 

The Mostly True Tall Tale Behind Our Name.

Before now, you would have had to buy our founder a beer to hear this story. 

It happened on clear Summer day as our foursome was playing 18 down at Morris Williams in Austin. The sky was blue and the rough along the fairways had just started to turn brown. 

As we were about to tee up on a par 3, we noticed a coyote standing on the green. My buddy joked, “just aim for it and there’s no chance that you’ll hit it.”  

So, we all took our swings. And that coyote did not react. And when we walk up to the green, it still has not moved a muscle. Now the other guys want to just skip ahead to the next hole. But I’ve got a good chance for a birdie, and I am not leaving a ball behind on the green. 

I creep up to my ball and sink my putt. And that coyote is watching me the entire time. I slowly fish my ball out of the hole and back away. 

As I marked my birdie on the scorecard, my buddy exclaimed, “Man Orlando, you must have been raised by coyotes!” 

The moral of the story? Always take your shot. And always keep your cool.

Meet The Man That Leads Our Pack.

Our founder, Orlando Rios, was raised in Kingsville, Texas. It’s a pickup truck town where you can count on your neighbors and family always comes first. He grew up fishing Black Drum in Baffin Bay, playing in PAGA junior golf tournaments, and watching Brahma and Javelina football.

Orlando’s love of southwestern patterns and colors comes from his indigenous roots; Coahuiltecan on his father’s side and Aztec on his mother’s side.

He started this brand because he wanted a performance polo that he could wear on the golf course or out on the town. Shirts that celebrated the culture he grew up with. Gear that his family and neighbors would be proud to wear too.