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Band of Coyotes

A Band of Coyotes

You can capture the Southwest in many images. The rolling hills, the endless sunsets, the colors which animate the land.

But for us, one image above all comes to mind: The Coyote.

In Navajo mythology, it was The Coyote who helped create the universe. Legend has it he cast a bag of stars across the open sky and gave birth to the Milky Way.

The Coyote is sacred to the Southwest – the ever present spirit of the land. An animal feared for its strength and respected for its ingenuity. Like his home, he is fierce, cunning, bold.

Relentless by nature, he refuses to take his eyes off his prey. A continual hunter, he always moves forward and never gives up.

At Raised By Coyotes, these aren’t just words to us, they’re traits we live by. They remind us of our roots, reinforce our values, and make us proud to share our name with this sacred animal.

They’re the reason we’ve made it our mission to bring the image and ethos of the Southwest to our line of outdoor apparel.

Whether it’s on the tee, down the trail, or in the wild, Raised by Coyotes will bring the soul of the Southwest to your next adventure.

When you wear our brand, you embrace the Coyote. Not just his image, but his spirit. Because when you don the Coyote, you’re always in the hunt.

The hunt for adventure. The hunt for victory. The hunt for a life worth remembering.

Whatever you’re hunting, we want to be there with you.